Break Kidney stones the natural way with Chanca Piedra


    By Herb Wizard; Corry McCarthy


    Chanca Piedra is indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest of South American. The plant thrives in wet climates; which causes he plant to spread throughout the rainforest. When Chanca Piedra is translated into English it literally means; Stone Breaker, it has assumed that name over time due to the plants value as to relieving users of kidney stones or gall stones.


    The very first prominent study that confirmed Chanca Piedra’s long success in traditional usage for kidney stones was completed in 1990. Studies on humans and rats consuming the extract were completed in Brazil. Each test subject was given Chanca Piedra tea for a period of 1-3 months. The results that came back; show that Chanca Piedra was excellent at removing kidney stones from the test subjects. In addition to that; the study confirmed that using Chanca Piedra increased urination production as well as creatine and sodium emission from the body (1). Furthermore in 1999; a clinical study proved that Chanca Piedra Extract had a powerful inhibitory consequence on the creation of calcium oxalate crystals which are known to scientists as being the major causes of kidney stones (2).


    In addition in 2002; research was conducted by seeding rat bladders with calcium oxalate crystals and then treating them for 42 days with a water extract of Chanca Piedra. The results showed that Chanca Piedra “strongly inhibited the growth of the matrix calculus and reduced the number of stone satellites compared with the group receiving water.” (3)


    A European Study carried out at Nuremburg Germany; where over 100 kidney stones patients were treated with Chanca Piedra; was found have 94% success rate in eliminating Kidney Stones within a fortnight or less. (4) So if you are experiencing problems with your kidneys adding Chanca Piedra to your diet should be the thing for you. This natural extract is well proven to work effectively against this ailment. So instead of breaking you’re balls on synthetic medicines that are not as efficient, give the Stone breaker a chance.






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