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A Purple Patch of Corn

    A Purple Patch of Corn     If a plant based food is purple in color it’s good for you; Nutrients in Blue and Purple Fruits and Vegetables Include: Lutein, resveratrol, zeaxanthin, vitamin C, fiber, flavonoids, and quercetin. These nutrients are known to support retinal health, lower LDL cholesterol, increase immune system activity, support healthy digestion, improve calcium and other mineral absorption,

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    Break Kidney stones the natural way with Chanca Piedra

        By Herb Wizard; Corry McCarthy   Chanca Piedra is indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest of South American. The plant thrives in wet climates; which causes he plant to spread throughout the rainforest. When Chanca Piedra is translated into English it literally means; Stone Breaker, it has assumed that name over time due to the

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      Want to be a Macho Man?

          By Herb Wizard Corry McCarthy Is you’re sexual libido low; are you having trouble being turned on; Huanpro Macho a shrubby tree for the Peruvian Amazon could be just the tonic you need to reinvigorate you’re sex life. In recent years this plant extract has been coined “Peruvian Viagra” and has been largely recognised

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